Twisted Barbells

Twisted Barbells Piercings

Carry a funky and fashion-forward with the help of twisted barbells piercings. The twisted barbells offered are made from body-safe materials like titanium, surgical steel, anodized and come in variety of colors.

You Can’t Stop Ogling at Twisted Barbells!

Admit it, nothing gets better than a Twisted Barbell and we are not talking about the variety found at the neighborhood gym. Whether you’re an expert or a novice, searching online style for fashion jewelry, try to spend a few minutes at This is where the piercing jewelry magic happens. Key ingredients include passion, a keen eye for detail and a fusion of digital and handcrafted approach. Keeping up with the latest jewelry trends comes naturally to the creative team at work. Fashion-forward people always have an edge over others, even at workplaces—this is where our range of soberly yet dynamically designed Twisted Barbell comes across as a great solution.

What makes Twisted Barbell so special?

Like every piercing option, Twisted Barbells have a unique appeal. It is about underlining your lifestyle that refuses to be a part of the herd. Traditionally, body piercings were more symbolic of faith or mystical beliefs. Today, Twisted Barbells are preferred for the fact that they make you feel more self-confident. Every piercing is not a medium to rediscover yourself - only a handful of body piercings are able to do this and our range of twisted barbells is a part of this sacred fraternity. This attribute is limited to only a handful of body piercings. Our range of Twisted Barbells is a part of this dynamic breed of piercings. From the more gothic and historically influenced to minimalist and highly glamorous piercings, you will find the entire range of body piercing jewelry at the best online prices. The secret that makes Piercebody the best in this segment is its penchant for delivering only high on quality, inspired creations. These Twisted Barbells are somewhat funky, a bit playful and they can be part of a bigger body piercing landscape. If you happen to wear tattoos, Twisted Barbells can be the perfect accessory to complete your body art ensemble. You get the assurance of body-safe Twisted Barbell as they are made of anodized surgical steel.   

Fueled by Passion, Driven by Creativity, Patronized by its Customers

Piercebody has some unique advantages when it comes to creating and retailing body jewelry. We are fashion jewelry specialists. To be more precise, our large assortment of twisted, spirals and other shaped body jewelry is testament to our love for loving your body and using it as a medium to express. Our clientele includes even those with sensitive skin, those prone to irritations and infections caused by metals. We only provide accessories that are purely sterile, anodized and at par with global manufacturing standards in this segment. The use of materials like surgical steel and anodized titanium provides high bio-compatibility. The range of designs in our collection of premium twisted barbells provides unique fashionable items in your basket of everyday and special occasion accessories. The best part about our body jewelry collection is that it continues to evolve, transforming according to changing consumer mindsets.

With our in-house design team and quality control division, every piece of jewelry on display is safe for short and long-term usage. You get the assurance of a comfortable fit and artsy piercings without a huge sticker price…

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42 Item(s)

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