At Piercebody, we believe in staying ahead of the competition in quality, price, and user experience. This is why we are the leading online body jewelry retailer in the world.

So what makes us stand out? Here are just a few of our special features.


The Best Body Jewelry Collections

With over 10,000 collections of body jewelry, we are currently the largest supplier of retail piercing jewelry online. We don’t resell people’s products, all our jewelry items are designed by our in-house design team and then produced at our high-tech manufacturing facility with our team of over 400 skilled technicians.

Our materials are premium quality, which enables us to create beautiful body jewelry lines at a rapid pace. Always keeping up with the latest fashion trends and making sure we can deliver body jewelry that fits right into your collection.

Bundles of Savings

Most online jewelry retailers are resellers for actual jewelry manufacturers. Piercebody has never sold anyone else’s products. Everything you buy from our online retail body jewelry shop is manufactured by us and delivered to you directly from the manufacturer with no overhead costs at all. We share this saving with you and that’s how we’re able to provide market-beating prices on all our piercing jewelry products.

In addition to the cheap prices, we also offer regular discounts and special offers so you can really get a bang out of your buck. At Piercebody, we’re all about savings for you, the customer.

Fully Managed Product Handling

We have multiple teams working round the clock to ensure swift delivery to any location in the world. Through the clever breaking down of our processes and specialized teams, all items are packed and shipped within 24 hours of your payment being cleared.

To manage the delivery, we ship to the US straight from our Florida shipping center through the US Postal Service, we ship to Europe through Royal Mail from our shipping center in the UK, and we ship internationally through leading courier services such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and EMS. That’s how we can ensure problem-free delivery at your doorstep in any corner of the world.

The Customer always comes first

We like to build a relationship with each of our customers which is why our over 100,000 orders have come from just 50,000 customers from all over the globe. Through our highly responsive customer support and easy-to-navigate website, we ensure you have a more than one reason to come back to order.

Our after-sales support is also the stuff of legends. We provide a full money-back guarantee and replacement for any products that are not as they’re meant to be. Rest assured, when you buy from Piercebody, we’ve got you covered in every way possible.