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Captive Bead Rings

Captive-bead rings are the most popular and fashionable type of body jewelry. These piercings stay firm at their place and are made from various materials including titanium, silver, gold, acrylic, etc.

Captive Bead Rings: A Better Way to Announce Your Lifestyle Choices

We, at Piercebody.com, offer curated collections—our range of captive bead rings underlines this approach. Crafted to perfection and immediately available, our range of Captive Bead Rings is a fusion of contemporary and traditional designs. Considered a staple in the niche of body jewelry, the Captive Bead Ring has transformed over the years. CBRs on our online platform are made of high-grade surgical stainless steel or titanium. The ball and bead tend to act as accessories, often colored, and made from materials like glasses, acrylic, ceramic or alloys plated with rhodium. Captive Bead Rings have rounded edges; they do not snag with your hair or clothing and don't present the issue of getting looser with continuous wear. This is perhaps the most famous type of body jewelry on our online store. CBRs will remain popular as there is plenty of room for experimenting with new styles and our team of designers ensures you get piercings that are far better than the standard, boring options. We offer a highly groomed collection—repeatedly checked for its originality of design, the use of premium, skin-safe materials and warehoused in a manner that is damage-proof and ready-to-ship.

Why buy from our range of Captive Bead Rings?

  1. Captive bead rings come in a myriad of styles, colors and designs
  2. We have a number of options to suit your taste
  3. You have the liberty to choose from CBRs in various style choices—Classic, Bold, Funky or Subtle
  4. CBRs made in titanium are lightweight, comfortable to wear and absolutely free from nickel, making them an extremely safe option for fresh piercings
  5. Our CBRs never cause skin allergies or infections
  6. Beads are made from materials like glass, acrylics, ceramics, and colored stones
  7. Solid tones, triangular captive beads, jeweled Captive Bead Rings are the biggest attention-grabbers on display

Piercebody: The Only Body Jewelry Destination You Should Consider

Piercebody is a dedicated body jewelry niche store. The emphasis is on providing an array of fashionable body jewelry and accessories for women and men. Be it ethnic, casual or formal, we bring you the classiest options in body jewelry. With more than 19,000 unique designs, we endeavor to make you look your best with the trendiest and finest in piercing jewelry. We don't follow trends. Instead, we define and create trends. Expect new, updated designs every week—this is how industrious our creative team is, fueled by passion, trying to create piercings that are standalone offerings in the market with no parallels. We request you to take a few minutes of checking out our comprehensive catalogues that are complete with detailed descriptions and illustrative images in their original format. 

Take a tour of our Captive Bead Ring collection to stay abreast with the cutting-edge fashion trends. If you're looking for super-versatile jewelry, then you are sure to love our extensive collection of Captive Rings—each offering something different from the clutter of similar-looking, predictable designs… 

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26 Item(s)

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